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How my love of art is supporting my amazing ski racing journey

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

I'm on a mission - to train hard and make it to the very top in my sport. Two years ago I came up with the idea of using my love of art to help with training costs. Now I've launched this website to sell my hand-drawn gifts with a mountains and nature theme. The products all feature my pencil sketches so are quite unique.

Being the best at any sport requires many hours of training – both on snow and off snow. And it's expensive - with training costs, equipment and competition fees to cover.

I started my Facebook page (Molly’s Mountains) in 2019, when I was 13-years-old, and began selling some of my drawings and paintings to help support the cost of my ski racing journey. Now I’m building on that success with the launch of this website selling my hand-drawn gifts. It’s just brilliant to combine the things I love doing most – skiing and art.

Skiing and racing is a way of life for me – and my brother Mattie too. We grew up bilingual, living and going to school in both the UK and France. A big milestone for me was selection to race for my country in the GB Under 14s junior alpine ski team. I’ve now made the Under 16s squad, so over the moon.

Putting in the hard work and enjoying the adventure

In winter I spend up to 25 hours per week training on snow, both with my ski club coaches and my parents - who are ski teachers. We also travel all over the Alps to compete in both national and international races. And of course that’s not forgetting I have to fit in my school studies! It does require hard work and determination, but I'm loving every minute of this big, fantastic adventure!

In summer we also race train on the European glaciers in Austria, France, Italy and Norway. I always learn so much from visiting other countries.

When at home in the UK, I go to a lovely school in Surrey. Plus I find time to fit in lots of different, fun, cross training activities – strength and conditioning, netball, wakeboarding, cross-country, running, gymnastics, tennis, swimming - and more!

My dad trains us too. Every other day we take our dog Toto and train outdoors at our local heath. Walkers must wonder what we’re doing when they see me sprinting up the hill pulling my dad behind on a bike!


MOLLY hand-drawn gifts launch - just in time for Christmas

My MOLLY hand-drawn gift products include a tote bag, tea towel, drinks coasters and fridge magnets. They are unique, practical and make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

Please take a look in my online shop and help me on my incredible journey. Thank you.


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